The recent cool temperatures have made our grayton beach house even more inviting. The highlight for this trip was the bike riding along 30A. You can ride a bike from Grayton Beach all the way down to Seaside. Along the way there are some cool shops that sell souvenir items and even ice cream. Depending on if you are feeling adventurous, you can swing into Grayton Beach state park and enjoy the lake and beach. One of our family's favorite thing to do is to take a canoe out onto the several lakes dotting 30A behind Grayton Beach. You could spend most of the day paddling through the inlets marshes. It feels very natural to be out there, like it has hasn't changed since people first got there. We have looked at good places to rent a canoe and the best one we found was actually right outside our neighborhood across from 30A at the corner. It is called "Sunny Days'. They will pick up and drop you off. Taking the sea kayak in the ocean is also a great deal of fun. If the waves are not going crazy then you can go all the way down Grayton Beach towards Seaside and back again. Since the beaches are never crowded since most of them are private, the trip is very enjoyable. Come stay at our Grayton Beach House and enjoy the sun!  

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